Information & FAQ

What is Conclave?

Conclave is the largest gathering of lodges throughout Section E-13, Order of the Arrow. At conclave, all 8 of our lodges will arrive to engage in all aspects of program that an Arrowman would want. We have Inductions and Ceremonial Evaluations (ICE), engaging and interactive shows, fun program and other activities, tailored trainings including a National Officer Keynote, networking and fellowship, and of course patch trading! At this event, we want to provide every Arrowman the opportunity to take something away either if its fun, better knowledge, or just a nice weekend getaway. Among all of these promises, we will celebrate our organizations mission and purpose and the traditions it has. 

What should I pack for Conclave?

A: We are requiring you to bring:

B: Everything else is up to you, but here are some recommendations:

Important: no alcohol, drugs, weapons, firearms, or fireworks are permitted.

What forms must be brought to Conclave?

Everyone must bring a current BSA medical form part A & B with requisite signatures and a Activity Acknowledgement Form when they check in. If you are not an adult, please make sure to get the required signatures from a parent or guardian. Medical forms can be retrieved at the end of conclave if you are interested. All of these forms are required to be admitted into conclave.

You can access the BSA medical form here.

You can access the Activity Acknowledgment form here.

What will housing be like at Conclave?

Participants will be housed with their lodge in one of the beautiful camp sites at the Beaumont Scout Reservation. The standard housing will be Tenting and you must bring your own tent. With the option of at registration to be in a cabin for extra $5. Youth Protection Guidelines will be observed. 

Adults over 21 who need special sleeping accommodations (CPAP, etc) should contact the host lodge. 

What information do you need to register?

The following personal information is required at registration: first name, last name, gender, date of birth, email address, lodge, OA level, address, and an emergency contact, their relationship to you, and their phone number. We will also ask you to indicate if you have mobility restrictions or special medical/dietary needs, which you may optionally answer to help us better service your needs, if any. 

How much will Conclave cost?

The Conclave fee for 2023 will be $45 with an additional $5/ person for a cabin bed for the weekend. The late fee will be $50 starting May 5th 2023.

How can I pay for my registration?

We offer two options to pay for Conclave: You may either pay with a credit/debit card when you register, or you can pay by check either mailed or in person. Remember, your Conclave fee is determined by when you pay. If you register early but pay at the door, you will need to also pay the late fee. 

Where is the Dazzling Mystery of Conclave 2023?

What time can I arrive at Beaumont Scout Reservation?

Only Section & Service Lodge staff will be permitted on camp prior to 6pm on Friday. PLEASE do not arrive earlier than 6pm if you have not received clearance from the Conclave Management Team or Service Lodge Leadership. Check-in will begin at 6pm.

What are the colored trader patches? 

The trader patches serve as encouragment to go out and meet scouts from other lodges! Every participant will be given 8 of their lodges traders for them to take to other lodges and trade. On top of the 8 colors for each lodge, there will also be a few additional ones than can be earned or purchased, See below to see each color and its meaning! 

Lodge Traders:

Erielhonan - Orange

Onondaga - Leafy Green

Marnoc - Hot Pink

Menawngihella - Deep Purple

Netawatwees - Bright Yellow

Sipp-O - Deep Blue

Takhonek - Fire Truck Red

Tecumseh - Black

Special Patches:

Completion- White - Can be earned for getting the full set of 8 lodge traders

Special Event - Powder Blue - Can be earned for attending a special Conclave event

Trading Post - Lavender - Can be purchased at the trading post

Early Registration - Sea Foam Green - Given to the first 150 to register

The full set may be purchased, or traded for at Conclave!!

What kind of program will be at Conclave?

There will be plenty over the weekend to keep you having a good time! These activities include...

 What recognitions to be awarded at Conclave?

There are numerous recognitions to be awarded at Conclave. The full list and descriptions can be viewed here

I want to run for section office, what do I do?

To run for section office, you must complete an officer petition form and provide it to the Section Adviser, Brian Seeton by the time of the election. Once the elections begin, one of your peers would nominate you for Section Chief, Section Vice Chief, and/or Section Secretary. After you are nominated, you can either accept or deny, and you would then give a speech. This will occur after dinner on Saturday. You can find the form at

Who plans and staffs conclave?

A dedicated team of youth BSA members that include the Section Chief, Peter LeMay, through his leadership of the Council of Chiefs including his Section Officers, Lodge Chiefs, Conclave Vice Chiefs and others plan and develop the conclave program with the guidance and direction of the Section Adviser and other appointed adults. A group of dedicated Arrowmen from Erielhonan Lodge will serve as Service Lodge staff ensuring that food, facilities and logistical requirements of the weekend are met.

How is Covid-19 being mitigated at Conclave 2023?

Who do I contact with additional questions?

Please contact the section help desk for any questions concerning Conclave.