Conclave Leads

Thank you to all the amazing Volunteers from the Section who have stepped up to fill the necessary roles in order to make this whole Dazzling Conclave happen! Thank YOU!

Section Officers

Peter L.

Section Chief

Patrick S.

Section Vice Chief

Christopher M.

Section Secretary

Conclave Coordinators

Evan R.

Conclave Coordinator 

Lane D.

Communications Coordinator 

James R.

Newsletter Coordinator 

Matthew A.

Marketing Coordinator 

Isabelle S.

Admonition Team Coordinator  

John Y.

Lodge Assistance Coordinator 

Conclave Vice Chiefs

Ethan V.

Midway CVC 

Joey F.

Inductions & Ceremonial Events CVC 

Will D.

Shows CVC

Joe W.

Special Events (Themeing) 

Justin F.

Special Events (VIA) 

Cynthia S.

Special Events CVC 

Sarah D. 

Afternoon Activities CVC 

Jon S.

Training CVC 

Christopher M.

Conclave Book CVC